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Review of Constructing Cassandra by Ofira Seliktar

Dr. Ofira Seliktar is Professor of Political Science, she teaches at Gratz College and Temple University. Previously she was a Scholar in Residence at the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania and a Visiting Professor at the Security Studies Program at Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Seliktar is the author of seven books and scores of articles in referred journals and chapters in books. She specializes in the study of Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle East intelligence. Her latest book is Doomed to Failure? The Politics and Intelligence of the Oslo Peace Process, Praeger, 2009.

This is what she writes about Constructing Cassandra: “The authors should be complimented for providing a fresh look at the functioning of the CIA as they analyze the commonalities underlying its numerous intelligence failures - The book touches upon some of the most profound issues that have divided the Directorate of Intelligence as it struggles to understand the often complex and confusing international realities with a special emphasis on the analytical tradition of Sherman Kent, the intellectually architect of the DI. It is a welcome addition to the literature on intelligence failures and a timely remainder of the difficulties that American intelligence faces in coping with the Arab Spring.”